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Can I take courses in master program during my study in English Preparatory program?

No, you cannot take any course in master program if you are studying in English Preparatory program, after studying a year in English Preparatory program and pass the proficiency exam. If you don’t pass the proficiency exam, you can take courses in master program with condition that you have to bring Foreign Language Exam result sheet such as TOEFL, university proficiency exam and etc. otherwise you cannot graduate.

I am registered in Turkish program master, can I take courses from English program ?

The students who are registered in Turkish program and want to take courses from English program, he/she has to bring score of English exam such as TOEFL, proficiency exam and etc., to be able to take courses in English.

I want to suspend my study term?

The students who want to suspend their registration, they have to pay the fees of the term in two (2) weeks from registration in institute of science and technology, if the fees are not paid or the request suspension form is applied after 2 weeks from registration, those applications will be rejected.

Transfer from department to another department?

The students who want to transfer from department to another department in institute of science and technology, the petitions must be given from one month before the start of a new term, the decision will be given to transfer after the related department approved.

According to Examination Regulations in article 7, the students who take courses and are accepted as special students, the total number of taking courses credits in graduate education at most maximum 50%' that can be taken. According to article, three(3) courses is counted

According to Examination Regulations in article 12-9, the students who take courses from out of University of Turkish Aeronautical Association, he/she can take three (3) courses from other different institute of main science / main arts / science or university institutes board decision with other institutes universty or from different institutions of higher education.