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  • To move our country forward in the field of aerospace science,
  • To develop knowledge and research at international and national level and to transform it into economic value for our country,
  • To establish functional relations between global national regional objectives related to objectives, principles and values.

Our university’s vision is to be one of the most respected academic institutions in the field of aerospace and space research, recognized and acknowledged innovations and contributions to aerospace and space research fields, and followed closely around the world.

Our Goals

  • To provide our students with academic and practical equipment that will enable them to reach their top goals in the field of Aerospace Sciences,
  • To be among the respected academic institutions of the world and having a name in the field of Aerospace Sciences,
  • To sign important projects under each year. In the next 2 years we will be producing our first training aircraft,
  • We send our satellites, which are the art of our own technology,
  • To train high-quality qualified Turkish engineers,
  • To be able to provide high quality education by closely following the developing and changing technology in world standards,
  • Being a university that produces R&D,
  • To train for the first time pilots who have academic title in Turkey are among our main goals.