Dean's Message-Assoc. Prof. Dr. Suat DENGİZ

Our Mission
  • To promote our country in fields such as Aerospace, Basic Engineering, and Physics,
  • Developing knowledge and research at the international and national levels and transforming them into economic assets, 
  • Establishing functional relationships between global-national-regional goals, principles, and values.
Our Vision

The vision of our institute is to be one of the leading academic institutions in the diverse fields of science and technology, such as aviation,
space, basic engineering and physics, by
bringing worldwide innovation to these fields
and making valuable contributions to them.

Our Goals

  • To equip our students with academic and practical flairs that will enable them to reach their highest goals in leading fields of
    science and technology such as Aviation, Space, Basic Engineering, Physics,
  • To be among the respected academic institutions of the world in the fields of Aerospace, Basic Engineering, Physics, etc.,
  • To sign under important projects every year. To produce our first trainer aircraft in the next years,
  • Sending our satellites, which are the work of our own technology, from our national launch facilities to space,
  • To train leading, highly skilled quality engineers,
  • To provide highly qualified education at world standards by closely following the developing and changing technology,
  • Being a university that produces R&D, not just education,
  • Training pilots with academic titles for the first time in Turkey is among one of our main goals.